We are Zeal Engineers

We are cohesive and passionate team of creatives - designers, kick-ass developers, application development gurus, digital marketing wizards. We combine our skills to deliver best results and bring ideas that works for you.

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Creative Web Design Company

Our vision is to save the Internet from poorly designed websites that do not work because they lack originality, creativity and purpose. We are succeeding one website at a time.

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Mobile Application Development

We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve on application development. We have the best technology combined with the best people to produce amazing application in Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows.

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Our Latest Innovation
UniQ Mobile Finder

Getting back your lost mobile phone is not a myth anymore. We have created an Android application which will revolutionize the area of getting back the lost phone. Now nobody ever lost their phone again.

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Search Engine Optimization

Building a website without search engine optimization (SEO) is like planning a road trip without plotting your course. Let our expert SEO team get you noticed, and keep you ranking high all the way to conversions.

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We Speak The Language

Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Django, PHP, eCommerce, Java, Android, Objective C, Flash, ASP.net, Ruby on Rails, API, CMS, Perl, Python, SEO, RSS.
HTML5, CSS3, and advanced Javascript is in our blood.

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Welcome to Zealeers

Zealeers Technologies Private Limited is a leading Software Development Company in Bangalore, India. From sharing our expertise, to guiding a

brand on a creative level, challenging a strategy & reinventing it, revisiting the brand identity or prototyping the concept, we don’t

just do it all, we best at it! We do Web Development, Mobile Application, Games, Design, Branding, Digital marketing

Anything that sparks our Braincells. We enjoy experimenting and exploring new ideas that helps people

in their daily life. Every day we develop ideas or products we are believe in. So If you are

looking for something outside the box, or need a kick-ass strategy for

pushing your company brand digitally, here we are.

Need a world class website design?

How about app/game?

Get us in.

Services Offered

Web Design & Development

We build websites that help businesses in different industries streamline their services and drive target customers.

Mobile Application

Convert your next big idea into dynamic application, whether it is to improve internal workflow or to expand your brand.

Digital Marketing

Exposure is everything. Bring in new customers, keep your existing ones updated, and get the results you want.

Content Management System

Customized and easy-to-use CMS to keep control of your website content and keep your website up-to-date.


Your business doesn't have to sleep when you do. Stay open 24/7 and increase your online revenue.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO experts use unique strategy to help your website find in top of search engine pages and help you generate leads for your business.

How We Work


01. Planning

We will understand the project scope and requirement working closely with you and will outline the idea that aligns with your initial vision and makes your goals achievable.

02. Designing

Once the outline is finished, visual concepts of the custom project will be created and Our creative design team reviews and revises the design until it aligns with your goals.

03. Coding

Our highly skilled development professionals use the latest technology and trends to provide your project a unique yet practical solutions that highlight your brand’s personality.

04. Testing

Here review and testing takes place, which ensures the quality of your project. This is the most valuable step because your reputation is our reputation.

05. Launching

We hand over the original source files with all the resources used on this project. Upon approval, your project will be launched.

Our Latest Innovation

  • Takes Multiple Photos of intruder

    When you lost your phone or somebody stolen, first thing intruder might do is to unlock your phone password, our application takes a multiple photos of the intruder using the front camera when intruder enter wrong password or change sim card and send it across to your mail.

  • Capture Video

    It captures even video so that you see what he/she doing, hear what he/she speaks and you can easily hunt down that crook.

  • Email Alert

    When intruder enter the wrong password, our application immediately emails you with a multiple photos, video and location of the mobile phone so that you can easily track the intruder.

  • Track Your Mobile Phone Location

    When you get an email from us, you will get the exact place your phone is located and a "Track" link through which you can easily track your phone.

  • Sim Card Change Alert

    If intruder insert a new SIM card into your phone. Our app will immediately sends you an email with photos, location as well as details of new SIM such as phone number, subscriber ID and network provider.

  • Silent Process

    Completely silent and invisible operation. No warnings will be shown to the intruder while capturing photos, recording video, sending email.

  • Contact Backup

    When you lost your phone you can instantly get a backup of your phone contacts into your registered mail by sending SMS saying "Contacts" to "Your Lost Mobile Number" from any mobile.

  • Send SMS to get the Intruder Details

    When you lost your phone you can instantly get your intruder details through mail by sending SMS saying "Lost" to "Your Lost Mobile Number" from any mobile

  • Send Email After Power ON

    If intruder turn off your phone in locked condition, our application sends you an email soon after they switched back on.

  • Send SMS to your Friend

    If there is no internet connection in your mobile phone while sending the intruder details and the details be will sent through SMS.

  • Retry sending Emails

    If our app is unable to send the email (e.g. if there is no internet connection), it will save the information on the phone and will retry sending it later when a Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection is available.

  • Sensor Funcionality

    If anybody try to move your phone without your knowledge our application triggers an alarm and its continue ringing until you type the correct password.

Our Recent Works


What Our Client Are Saying

A rare combination of extremely professional design work done in a very timely manner. They have excellent workmanship, were very attentive, brought a number of their own unique ideas. They were great to work with, and I hope to work with them again soon.

Bryan Van Norman

Checkway System Inc.

Great work from development through design integration/consistency. I received exceptional service from Zealeers on my website. These folks are creative, responsive, positive, and hard working. Zealeers is a great organisation to work with.

Dan Wilton

CEO, DB Group

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