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Zealeers exists purely to build your business online and our bespoke blend of planning, design and technical excellence creates world class websites and web applications.

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Our Expertise

  • Android Applications

    Great web design speaks a universal language everyone can understand.

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  • Android Games Development

    Bespoke eCommerce solutions designed to make your business prosper online.

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  • Android Web Development

    Exceptional user-centred interface design where customers are the focus.

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  • Android Business Applications

    Customised and easy-to-use CMS to keep you in control of your website content.

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  • iPhone Application Development

    Responsive or mobile specific, cross-platform websites.

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  • Windows Mobile App Development

    Collaborating closely with our clients that cultivates growth.

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  • Android Applications

    Visual Design / Wireframing / Branding / Responsive / Custom Typography

    Leveraging the capabilities of a device imply a direct increase in the productivity. Zealeers aims to achieve three things for an organization: cutting costs, boosting productivity and multiplying revenues. We use information to construct a customized application in your system at the time when you need it. Empowering your business is our simple strategy.Android technology is the buzz in mobility niche. The advanced operating system supporting the recent phones has introduced the mankind with an incredible mini-computer hand held. Google must be applauded once again for its meticulous open source OS i.e. Android remarked as the most significant contribution in mobile industry. Our forte is its extension i.e. Android Applications development. With the increase in Android sustaining phones the scope for android apps is enormous. It has redefined the meaning of interaction. Our wild imagination takes Android travel the distance to desktop. Well that’s mind blowing.

    Zealeers offers Google Android Applications consultancy services to deliver 100% enterprise solutions. Our application design and process helps you to explore mobile solutions. The android applications developers at Zealeers are specialists who meet the growing requirements of your business with an ease. Developing android applications not only reduces cost but also accelerates the day to day operations. Our android consulting services include debugging consulting, root consulting, security consulting, adapter consulting, fragment consulting, thread consulting, SOAP consulting, testing consulting and SQLite consulting.

      What do we offer?

    • We design, architect and develop Android Applications.
    • Now your business will be equipped with android user interface.
    • A flawless system is built ensuring zero network issues referred to device fragmentation issues.
    • Our android applications improve multimedia, camera, telephone and other location services.
    • We solve all kind of android threading issues.
    • Our android experts are not only good at identifying problems but also troubleshooting those.
    • A multipurpose android application is build which can be used on multiple devices.
    • We deploy the best techniques and procedures to incorporate android applications in your system.
    • Map applications are also developed using Android GPS.
    • We ensure efficient operations with android applications.
    • We integrate business data with android applications.
    • "How the system works" is demonstrated by our professionals.

    Android Games Development

    Product Fulfilment / Discounts and Promotions / Secure Payment Processing

    Today, when personal entertainment is at its firing pace and personalization of one’s mobile device is the need of the second. The mobile application development industry especially the games application development industry is getting turbo charged in its nature of existence and usage. Since iphone and blackberry is already ruling the genre in this sector, the games created through the mobile operating system from Google, and the Android are giving them good competition. The demand for Android Games application development is raging like never before. It needs concrete foundations like powerful platforms like rich JAVA developing environment, etc to erect the structural framework. Our technology oriented programmers have acquired all the necessary skill-set in creating highly efficient Android Games.

    Our programmers at Zealeers have developed a thorough understanding of the Android technology and utilize its vibrant features, in order to deploy astonishing games on your mobile phone device.

      Features of Android Games Development

    • Economical development- Android is an open source and anyone can use it therefore the cost of development is extremely low as compared to other technologies.
    • Scope of customization- Android applications are built on Linux, our game developers apply their skills and experience in customizing the game right from the very incipient stage.
    • Robust and consistent gaming environment- Android technology lingers under the influence of Linux kernel, which sufficiently restricts the inconsistencies and redundancies, creating consistent, reliable as well as robust games for your mobile phone.
    • Fast and convenient development- Android is Java based and utilizes the potent and reverberating Java engine in order to access a broad range of tools & techniques to create mesmerizing games within the time frame.
    • Improved Gaming Experience- Android Development has greatly bridges the gap which has been previously observed, now it offers powerhouse of in-built, powerful 2D & 3D graphics, along with database, in order to remarkably improve your gaming experience, touching the stratosphere of technical extravaganza.

    Android Web Development

    User Experience / Prototyping / Platform Design / Interaction Design / Data Capture

    Offering mobile solutions to enterprises is one of our most innovative services. Zealeers is the crew of tech geeks where ideas are cultivated to invent new technology and its applications. We are experienced as well as creative to make your business model compact with high end IT solutions. Android Web development is our expert field that makes your business portable wherever you move.Android is the open source OS rendering opportunities to the enterprises to mold it in a way that suits them. And Android web development is its extension that helps our android developers to produce new mobile software (compatible with other devices) to increase the productivity of all devices in synergy. Zealeers android web development is multi-tasking that means many applications can be executed simultaneously without affecting the overall speed. For the better functionality of business we develop android web application.

    Java and other complex programming languages form the basis of Android OS. Zealeers has the competent team of Java developers and programmers to develop customized android web application exclusively for your business. Travel applications, Utility applications, Security applications, Multimedia applications, Games applications, Business applications, Office applications & Communication applications are the simplest android web application development available with a click of mouse. Breaking your complex business operations into simplified processes is our motive behind introducing your business with the Android web development.

      We offer ingenious Android Web Applications for your business to enjoy

    • Flexibility: Android open source is a big platform with a wide scope as it can be connected with any of the latest technologies available in your office. Android is flexible with your business as well technology.
    • Efficiency: Mobile software developed out of Android can run various applications simultaneously. It speeds up the operations & thus increases the efficiency.
    • Integrated Operations: Android enables you to connect your office with the handheld mobile for you to carry business in the pocket.
    • Interactive System: For example if you are away from your office you can easily get the data from your computer (placed in office) with a click of button and vice-versa i.e. you can even transfer files from mobile to computer. Android promises an interactive system that equips you with business data at any location.
    • Customized Solution: As per your business requirements we design a customized android based application for you.
    • Reliability: Android web development for business is highly reliable as skilled developers have designed it exclusively for your business operations to be efficient and error free.

    Android Business Applications

    Modular / Quality Testing / Bespoke Platform / Flexible and Scalable

    Mobility is what we all are experiencing and of what we want to be the part of. We are nurturing instant behavior and for its sake we appreciate instant results. Business is all about readiness and alertness. Zealeers becomes your accelerator in the car of business. Our solutions make it feasible for you to work in micro seconds. Mobile phone is like wheels to your business if tailored from us. Pacing with the latest technology Android, the Kohinoor of Google, we help your business to take off.

    Business Apps on Android is considered as the latest life style of an enterprise. Android is the operating system (OS) of maximum number of mobile devices available in the market. Mobile phone is the most integral part of our lives and if optimized for business it becomes the key to success. We develop business applications for Android based devices. The OS has tremendous scope to be unearthed. The known partial potential is mind blowing as it reduces 90% of the work load. Designing meticulous android business application development is our passion as we have fallen in love with Android. Being fanatical about android Zealeers introduces you to a few android apps for business.

    • Documents: With the help of android business apps we’ll enable you to view and edit Microsoft office documents in any format: word or excel or power-point. Also you would be able to view PDF files.
    • G-Docs: You can easily keep a track of your documents on cloud i.e. Google documents using any web browser.
    • Notepad: Making to-do list is inevitable for an entrepreneur and thus we have designed an application using which you can jot down the things to do and set the reminder. Also you can stick this on your screen & even can email to yourself.
    • Server: Being the boss of the company you must know the condition of your server. Whether your server is up or down you can verify it on your mobile phone only. You can even enable or disable the hosts as per your wish with your android mobile.
    • Slide Show: Operate a slide show from your android device and using Wi-Fi, display it on the large screen. Swap on your device to change the slide on bigger screen. Sit with your team and give presentation with an ease.
    • Collision: Just bump the two android devices for transferring contact details and photos. Say Good bye to paper business cards.
    • Pick Up: If you are out of station and in a fix to attend a meeting at unknown place. Consult your android device to locate a company and order it to send a cab for you to pick from your place.
    • Profile: Your android device will be able to identify if you are at house or in office. Depending upon the location it will put the device’s profile on silent or ringing mode.

    iPhone Application Development

    Cross-platform / Touchscreen / Usability / Smart Loading / Device Dimensions

    Zealeers’s wide experience and expertise in iPhone application Development and the customization of the iPhone application development is widely acknowledged by its clients all over the world. We realize the speed of the evolution in technology; therefore make a conscious effort to keep updated with all the latest and the best technological development to develop the best iPhone application. Our programmers and developing experts are constantly in the process of reviewing and effortlessly providing you the most efficient iPhone applications. With generalized and customized iPhone software development available, we facilitate our clients with the most efficient and highly intuitive apps to customize their phone to their specific usability and likeness.With the absolute motto of bringing significant ideas to life, we create appropriate and interesting User Interface designs and Prototype. Our technological experts are working closely with businesses to design and commercialize innovative Smartphone applications with state of the art iPhone software. Our highly experienced and researched iPhone application development team make sure that all your demands are met and all your needs are handled within the shortest possible time frame. This ensures that our client’s receive the most effortless and flawless service while developing their customized iPhone application to make their living more convenient and highly experiential.

    We are expert in the field of iPhone apps development and outsourcing, taking you through the comprehensive journey right from the design, development, testing to the launch of iPhone software programming solutions. We also provide mobile applications development services as well as wireless application (WAP) development. We have exhibited professional customized expertise in using the SDK (iPhone software development kit) in ideating and implementing creative iPhone applications like iPhone business software and apps development, iPhone multimedia apps development, iPhone news apps development, iPhone social networking apps development along with iPhone games, sports and travel apps development that suit’s the general needs of the market making us the largest player in outsourcing iPhone software development. We also create tailor-made iPhone software’s after studying the specific requirements of our clients, by incorporating a broad array of sophisticated as well as radical features in order to create a highly customized yet user-friendly device.

    Windows Mobile App Development

    User Interviews / Problem Solving / Technical Consulting / Practices Analysis

    Window Mobile is a feature packed OS with all the popular Windows mobile application, like Windows media Player, Windows office, Internet Explorer etc. While using the Windows Mobile, users can browse the Internet, use e-mail, keep track of schedules and contacts, and manage business documents using mobile variants of popular Microsoft Windows software like Office, Outlook and Windows Live. It is also an Operating System that allows developers to create customized and user specific applications to be installed in your Smartphone and other mobile hand-held devices.

    Extended use of wireless data sharing has encouraged such development of outstanding applications for enhancing the usage of mobile hand-sets into a customized device that envelopes your personality and offers outstanding customized usability. Windows Mobile gives developers the unique opportunity to develop customized Windows Mobile App. development in accordance to the client’s specific usability criteria.

      The Windows Mobile Application categories

      Our programmers use their special expertise to create the most efficient and exclusive windows mobile application. Their domain expertise on the windows mobile platform includes:

    • Business Application
    • Communication Application
    • Multimedia Applications
    • Travel Applications
    • Fun Applications / Games Utility Applications
    • Security Applications and many more

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