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With our technical expertise we can instantly connect your business to your employers, clients, partners and customers in new and exciting ways, no matter where they are.

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Our Expertise

  • Web Applications

    Built bespoke to suit your unique requirements.

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  • Integrations

    Working together for a common goal.

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  • Hosting & Support

    Cloud-based, fast and secure hosting infrastructure.

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  • Web Applications

    Database Design / Model-View-Controller (MVC) / RESTful Routing

    Zealeers has been a leading supplier of web based applications and technology solutions for over 8 years. Using an underlying modular concept, modules throughout our web applications are designed to seamlessly interact with each other, thus, reinforcing the notion of “plug and play”.

    We have extensive knowledge of database design and development. Our team can recommend appropriate database implementation solutions for your present and future database needs. We aim to give the web application usable functionality from an early stage in the process which enables your users to assess the benefits and efficiency of the system within developmental stages.


    API Integrations / Data Structures / Unit Testing / Communications Protocol

    Zealeers have always maintained a proactive approach towards strategic integrations with third party software. Our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) open a world of opportunities for integrating your existing web platforms.

    We promote the use of standard web service communication systems where possible including SOAP, WSDL and REST. Kalexiko favour this latter protocol due to its close-fit web properties, it's uses in developing AJAX applications, and it's common implementation in larger APIs such as Twitter and the Facebook Graph API. Kalexiko offer advice on system integration to help you streamline your current processes by automating repetitive and complicated tasks.

    Hosting & Support

    Managed Web Hosting / Content Delivery Network / Support & Maintenance

    Performance Cloud Servers help deliver the benefits of improved and enhanced performance levels to suit the scale of your needs and budget. Benefits include faster loading eCommerce web pages, increased 'Input Output Operations per second' (IOPS) for your databases and low latency of applications whilst users want to stream large media files.

    Our end service solutions are even more affordable than ever for your needs. With no two company's the same, everything we do is individually tailored to suit you. Our dedicated service sits on a global resilient infrastructure offering you a whole business hosting package.

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